Understand Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Tax-Free Retirement


How Can You Eliminate Your Tax Burden In Retirement?

Our Tax-Free Retirement Lab provides easy-to-understand information on how your sources of income are taxed -- including Social Security, pensions and 401k or IRA withdrawals.

Discover proven strategies to help reduce or eliminate your tax burden over a long retirement: tax-free investment options, tax-savvy distributions from tax-deferred accounts and other ways to protect your nest egg.


What you’ll learn

The tax advantages of timing when you file for Social Security.

When you delay filing for your Social Security beyond your FRA, you come out ahead in two ways: lower income taxes plus 8% growth of your benefit each year until age 70.

How to calculate the portion of your Social Security that’s subject to federal tax.

Since 50% to 85% of your Social Security benefit may be subject to federal income taxes, it’s important to know how to calculate what you may owe during your retirement years.

The pros and cons of traditional retirement savings accounts.

When you save for retirement with a 401k or an IRA you’re not really saving on taxes. You’re simply delaying the income taxes you’ll owe when you start taking distributions.

Savings vehicles that can potentially add thousands of tax-free dollars to your retirement nest egg.

Discover the facts you need to know about various retirement savings products that provide exceptional tax advantages while mitigating the risk of stock market volatility.

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