How To Make The Most Of Your Retirement


How Can You Protect Your Nest Egg From Future Uncertainty?

With headlines warning about rising inflation and stock market volatility, developing a retirement plan that protects your savings is crucial to your financial security.

Our Empower Your Retirement Lab provides easy-to-understand facts about the advantages of maximizing your Social Security and converting a portion of your retirement savings into pension-like income that lasts a lifetime.


What you’ll learn

Why living longer requires a retirement strategy that helps ensure your money lasts.

Longevity is the biggest risk to your retirement because living longer costs more. Learn why it’s better to over-estimate your longevity than take a chance on outliving your money.

The ins and outs of timing when you file for Social Security to maximize your benefit.

You can increase your Social Security by 8% more each year if you delay filing for your benefit beyond your full retirement age. Find out if this filing strategy works for you.

Identifying gaps in your retirement income and how much you’ll need to cover it.

A retirement income gap is the difference between your sources of income and living expenses when you’re no longer working. Learn how to identify a shortfall before you retire.

Why a traditional investment mix no longer generates the growth it did in years past.

Financial experts agree – with ever-rising inflation and stock market volatility becoming the new normal, a traditional investment mix no longer provides downside protection.

The advantages of Annuities and how they can provide a lifetime flow of retirement income that’s protected from downturns in the stock market.

When you need another source of retirement income, an Annuity is an insurance product that provides a guaranteed stream of monthly, pension-like income you can count on.

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