How Can You Solve The Retirement Puzzle?


Financial Security In Retirement Requires Tax Planning

Far too many retirees underestimate the federal income taxes they’ll owe on their retirement income – including Social Security benefits, pensions, and distributions from their tax-deferred retirement plans. Developing a tax plan, combined with strategic investing, can provide the foundation of a financially-secure retirement.


What you’ll learn

The three myths of financial investing - why high risk doesn’t always equal high rewards.

When investments are a major source of retirement income, you need to understand how market volatility, rising inflation, and the increased cost of living can work against you.

How IRAs work and why you may lose 40% to 70% of your IRA value.

Like any investment, an IRA is never risk free. Learn how diversifying your investments with an annuity can protect your principal from market volatility to help minimize risk.

Reasons why you may end up paying too much in federal income taxes on your retirement income.

Without a strategic tax plan in place for your retirement, you may be hit with a high tax bill on your income from 401k and IRA withdrawals, Social Security and your pension.

What may happen to your retirement income when your spouse passes away.

A retired couple receiving two Social Security checks will lose the lower benefit when one spouse dies. With a strategic retirement plan, you can make up for this loss of income.

How annuities and insurance products help provide a financially-secure retirement.

Tax advantages. A stream of lifetime income. Riders that provide death benefits and more. Discover how annuities and other insurance products can achieve your retirement goals.

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