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Estate Planning – One-On-One – Registration

by Scott Magin

– Convenient One-on-One Appointment Not A Group Seminar! –

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We are dedicated to helping our customers through challenging times. We know you may have a lot of questions and are not sure where to go for answers.  If you have questions about your Estate Planning situation and you would like to schedule a FREE review and consultation please fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach to you within 24 hours of receiving this request to schedule a convenient appointment, on your terms!. We offer phone, virtual and in-person consultations. There is absolutely no cost or obligation.!


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Many people put it off because it seems like such a daunting task … but when financial planning is done right, it can be exciting and empowering. At Benham Advisory Group, Inc. we will help you to protect your hard-earned retirement assets in today’s market conditions and provide you with the income you need, with potential income tax saving advantages. Also, we will look ahead to help protect you from the unexpected. Our goal is for you to not worry about your money so that you can enjoy your retirement years.

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