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Brielle, NJ – 07072022 – Registration

by Scott Magin

Join Us For a FREE Gourmet Dine & Learn Retirement Planning Workshop in Brielle

Hosted by
The Learning Lab

“Authentic, Educational Retirement Resources – Brought To You”

Two Dates! June 7th & 12th, 2022 – 6:00 pm

Rella's Italian Tavern
601 Union Ave, Brielle, NJ 08730
Note: Registration Is Required for This Event

Who Should Attend?

Designed specifically for adults at a stage in life where complex decisions can have a profound impact. You and a guest are invited to a complimentary gourmet dinner and informational seminar and insurance presentation entitled “Understanding Different Retirement Strategies”. Because of limited seating, first-time attendees only, please!

  • Updated for 2022!
  • Options that let one avoid taxes on IRA distributions **
  • Strategies to help achieve your long-term financial goals
  • Do you have to risk loss to grow your assets?
  • Ways to obtain income you can’t outlive!
  • Strategies to feel good about your Retirement

** We do not provide specific legal or tax advice, nor promote, market or recommend ant tax plan or arrangement. Consult a tax/legal professional for guidance with your individual situation

These workshops are strictly educational and do not promote any products or companies. A ‘Hear It. See It. Write It.” teaching method makes it easy for you to understand, retain and profit from the information covered!

Copyright © 2022 The Learning Lab | All Right Reserved | Our seminars are for educational purposes only. No investments or financial products will be promoted at the event. However, our speakers may offer a private consultation. Your attendance at our seminar in no way obligates you to engage with the speaker for any service. See FAQs for complete information. Also review our Privacy Policy.

The Learning lab provides educational workshops and classes in colleges, libraries and in businesses nationwide. The Learning Lab is not connected with, affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Government or the Social Security Administration.

The local instructor offering educational labs may be an insurance agent, financial advisor, accountant or attorney. Financial advisors may offer other products or services and are compensated by commissions and/or fees for any other services they may provide. Statement of Privacy and Security located at www.thelearninglab.us/policy.

The Learning Lab is primarily funded by private and corporate entities; this also includes speaker fees. The Learning Lab courses and workshops do not promote or endorse any specific products or companies and no selling is allowed. Attendees should seek the assistance of a professional familiar with the course prior to implementing any of the ideas and strategies taught or discussed in the course. Hypothetical and/or actual historical returns contained in this presentation are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be an offer, solicitation, or recommendation. Rates of return are not guaranteed and are for illustrative purposes only. Projected rates do not reflect the actual or expected performance within any example or financial product. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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